Woodway Financial Advisors

Trust and Estate Services

We are authorized in the State of Texas to serve any and all estate planning and administrative needs. We provide expert counsel in trust and estate administration through the following services:

Trust Administration

  • Custody and safekeeping of trust assets
  • Manage investments
  • Regular review of investment performance and trust activity
  • Collect income
  • Distribute income to beneficiaries or reinvest according to trust provisions
  • Review and process requested discretionary distributions
  • Pay bills
  • Periodic statements of assets and transactions
  • Maintain records
  • Annual summary for tax return preparation
  • Remainder distributions

Estate Administration

  • Assist with will probate
  • Collect and safeguard estate assets
  • Prepare inventory of estate assets
  • Appraisal of estate assets
  • Notify creditors
  • Payment of debts and expenses
  • Collect monies owed to the estate
  • Manage estate assets
  • Coordinate with professionals in probate filing, inventory, accounting, preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Marshal assets and assist with transfer of title